Wisdom 2.0:
The Intersect

Wisdom 2.0 Unplugged

A Weekend of Inner & Outer Connection

August 4th - 6th, 2017 @ Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
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The Vision

The third annual Wisdom 2.0 Unplugged Retreat is an opportunity to connect – without devices – in the beautiful and intimate setting of Esalen. This will be a time to be still, to play, and to take a break from the “always on” lifestyle so prevalent today.

The weekend will be a time to reflect on how and where our life is moving. We will explore questions including, What is wanting to emerge in our lives? Are we aligned with a purpose? What wants to die, and what wants to come forth?

Together we will enjoy that rare commodity: space. Small and large group exercises will allow us to explore where our energy is drawn, what support we need, and what is calling to us at this time.

This Unplugged gathering is part of the larger Wisdom 2.0 movement that addresses the great challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another through technology, but also to do so in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world.

What to Expect

The weekend will be an “unconference” where topics and sessions will arise from the wisdom of the community present.

Rather than structure everything in advance, we will use various forms of body meditation and small group dialogue to listen to and follow what is “wanting to emerge” in our time together. As such, this will be an experimental workshop, with facilitators supporting the themes, topics, and activities that spring from the group.

There is nothing you need to prepare, just an openness and willingness to be together in community to share, learn, and listen to what can be created when we all show up fully.


Esalen is a place of pilgrimage, grounded in a wildly alive environment—the spectacular, unparalleled, convergence of mountains and water that is the Big Sur coastline. Esalen also travels the world as an inextinguishable, animating spirit—healing lives and history, sweeping away tired paradigms, and igniting change. There is nothing else like it.

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